Wednesday, January 16, 2008

St. Patrick's Parade in Cashel March 15th


Fun and Fireworks in Tipperary


This will run on the same day as the National Lottery Fireworks Display from the Rock of Cashel.

We are expecting larger than normal crowds and an increased TV coverage of the day’s events.
Cashel with its historic links with St.Patrick will again host a Street Parade, this year the event will run on Saturday the 15th of March.

We are expecting one of the biggest parades in many years and we are now accepting applications these can be for motorised or walking entries, from individuals, groups , community and sporting organisations and commercial companies, we’ve even had a politician or two in the past! There is often a wicked dose of satire laced in with the shamrocks and green hats, so if you have a funny idea we’d loved to hear about it.

There is no fee to take part in the Parade, but we would urge you to secure adequate Road Traffic insurance if your entry is a motorised vehicle, contact Sean Laffey and we can discuss this if you have any queries.

We need to finalise entries by the second week in February.

If you would like to take part in the parade please contact the Chair person Sean Laffey at, and if you’d just like to come along and enjoy this special fun packed day, you’ll be very welcome.

We welcome entries from Cashel and all the other towns in County Tipperary for what will be a hugely enjoyable event.

If you are a marching band or troupe visiting Ireland for the St. Patrick's Week, we'd love to hear from you, maybe you could join us in our parade on Saturday March 15th.

The structure and order of the Parade is under the control of our Parade Steward, Tommy Butler whose task it is to ensure that all entrants have a safe and enjoyable day. We physically separate walking and motorised entries in the interests of the Parade’s safety. The route will be the same as last year.

In the interests of safety and if you are new to the parade an application does not guarantee automatic acceptance. You will be contacted by the Parade Committee to confirm your participation in the Parade and to provide further details, please ensure you put a contact phone number on your application form.

As you know Cashel’s St. Patrick’s Parade is comprised of an entertaining and colourful mixture of entries for which there are specific prizes (with an overall first prize of €1000), entries can be categorized as follows:

Community Entries
Contract Entries
Commercial Entries


Community entries are non-profit groups including, associations, social groups, athletic organizations , schools, and cultural groups.

There is no fee to participate in the Parade as a Community Entry however, organizations must return the enclosed application form to the Parade Committee as we have to secure insurance in advance of your participation.


Contract Entries are those that the St. Patrick's Parade contract, typically for a fee, to provide additional entertainment value to the Parade.

Contract Entries might consist of bands, costumed characters or other types of entries, such as street entertainers and face painters, that we feel would add to the enjoyment of the Parade.

Our ability to pay for contract entries depends on the amount of sponsorship we receive.


Commercial Entries are usually mobile presentations created for, or by, commercial businesses from the Town and County.

Typically these entries consist of a float or a sponsor-provided vehicle bearing the sponsor's message. Unlike many other Parades we do not charge an entry fee for this category.

We ask all commercial entries to inform us well in advance about the number of vehicles they will present and to have adequate Road Traffic Insurance.

We do ask that commercial entries be generally restricted to a maximum of three vehicles per business and that some effort goes into dressing those vehicles in green bunting and flags.


The Parade for all that it is a fun event has to work in the real world, insurance has to be bought, trophies made and cash prizes awarded.

Some money goes to support bands who add so much to the atmosphere of the day, some goes in providing refreshment for the entrants, some is given as a donation to voluntary groups who are in charge of our first aid cover. Not one cent is taken by committee members , their work is 100-percent voluntary.

We actively seek sponsorship for our prizes, for our staging, for our refreshments and also for training days to help young people make the best of their St. Patrick’s Parade.

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